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Pregnant or newly postpartum? Looking for a knowledgeable, compassionate guide to help you navigate pregnancy, birth, the postpartum period, infant care, breastfeeding, and early parenthood? At Memphis Doulas, we pair you with 1-3 local birth professionals to interview who offer the service(s) you’re looking for. Our doulas are vetted, professional, and skilled. We understand the importance of finding the right doula for your individual needs and goals. 

Our doulas serve the greater Memphis and Shelby County area, as well as Tipton County, and parts of Arkansas and North Mississippi. 

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Who | What | Why

doula holding babyMemphis Doulas offers a doula-client matchmaking service that takes the guesswork and Googling out of finding a doula. Our doulas receive mentorship and business coaching from our founder, Zoë Etkin. Zoë has been in the birth & parenting industry for nearly a decade, and her time working in the Los Angeles doula community affords her a unique perspective on the doula-client relationship. She believes that Memphis parents deserve the highest quality services as they make the profound journey into family-making. Memphis Doulas selects the very best doulas Memphis (and the surrounding area) have to offer and brings them right to you, the families who need them. We know you will love our professional & courteous registry service. Our business, and our doulas, are inclusive, informed, and always sensitive to the unique needs of their clients.

What Our Doulas Offer

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Birth Doula

Our birth doulas offer prenatal appointments in which you will create a birth plan, practice comfort measures, get to know you and your partner, and learn about your birthing goals. During the birth, they will provide comfort, information, partner support, and encouragement as you welcome your baby. Our doulas serve families birthing at home or hospital, choosing unmedicated or medicated births, and cesarean families as well. We are here to support whatever type of birth you need or desire to have.
Studies show that having a doula present at your birth improves maternal satisfaction.

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Postpartum Doula

Our postpartum doulas provide in-home support after the birth of your baby. Your postpartum physical and emotional wellbeing are of utmost importance. Our doulas will focus on elements of care that support your recovery: everything from belly binding to nutrition and more. All of our doulas also provide newborn care instruction, breastfeeding/ pumping/ bottle feeding support, partner support, sibling support, and light household maintenance. With the support of a postpartum doula, your transition to early parenthood will be peaceful and smooth.

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Placenta Encapsulation

Some of our doulas are also placenta encapsulators or placenta prep specialists. If your favorite doula does not offer this service, we are happy to pair you with another doula just for placenta prep. Placenta consumption post-birth is thought to aid in evening out hormonal fluctuations, restore mineral depletion, and in some cases, support milk production. Our doulas offer a variety of prep options. Just let us know what you are interested in and we can help you find the right doula to prepare your placenta.

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Childbirth Education

Looking for comprehensive childbirth education & other prenatal classes? We've got them! Whether you're planning a home or hospital birth, independent childbirth ed offers evidence based info on birthing options, as well as a wide array of comfort measures & coping skills. Couples are encouraged to work together in the process, & partners are given lots of tools to support the birthing partner as well as sustain themselves during labor. We can also help you find high quality breastfeeding, postpartum prep, and baby care classes so that you're prepared when baby arrives!

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Experience Level

Our doulas range in experience level: from brand new to highly experienced. All of our doulas have received training through an established doula training organization. We believe that experience and training are important, but that ultimately you should choose a doula based on your connection with them. This is why we get to know you a little bit before we pair you with doulas to interview. We're here to help you find the doula who fits your needs and sets you at ease!

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Price Range

Our birth doulas range in price, from $500-$1000+, depending on packages offered and level of experience. Our postpartum doulas range from $20 an hour-$40+ depending on experience level, packages, etc. Other services are priced at the discretion of the doula offering them, so those will vary. If you are working with a smaller budget, are on government assistance, or otherwise have barriers to access, please mention that in your contact form.

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Our Standards

While we do not employ the doulas on our registry, we do believe they represent us and our high standards for the doula profession. We vet each doula, making sure their contracts, training, and experience are up to our standards. In turn, we vet the clients for our doulas, so that each are going into the interview process on the same page. We know you will love working with our doulas, and our doulas will love working with you!

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Don't See What You Need?

If you're looking for other birth/parenting related services we have not mentioned here, don't hesitate to reach out. We are plugged in to the Memphis birth, motherhood, and parenting communities and are more than happy to connect you with the services you need. Be that pregnancy fitness classes, meal preparation for after baby arrives, perinatal therapy, etc. Just reach out and we can help!

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